27 May 2012 - Sandbar Concert
Between Tampa Bay and Riviera Bay
Cross Creek Blues Band


Gary3D Home   Hal Hammer on guitar and vocals, Rob on drums, John on guitar, George on sax,
Jeff on keyboard & drums, Captain Gary on harmonica, Gary P. on drums.
Hal spent a lot of time and money modifying an older pontoon boat that could serve as a floating bandstand.
    boats barge

Channel approaching sand bar near Tampa Bay.

Hal put up this sign and a notice in local newsletter.
    barge Gary
    The Memorial Day weekend band barge. Cuyahoga Slim [Gary P.] on drums.
    Gary Barge
    Cuyahoga Slim [Gary P.] on drums. Jammin'
    Cindi Gary Toni Evan
    Cindi enjoying the music. Gary, Toni & Evan relaxing.
    boats Video
    Another view of all the boats.
Estimated 200 boats and 1000 people.
Short video.